Today we will learn how to work and how to earn in details.

  • Our company will develop a personal website for you in your name.
  • You will make posts on your personal website, Posts like videos, images, YouTube links, or any types of content that is safe for family.
  • Then get a list of other member’s website to work on. You just need to click them one by one. And share the posts with your family and relatives which you like the most.
  • And the more you click, the more you earn.
  • We will learn on next lessons, how to earn and how much you can earn. How to start :

  • After your training of 15 days will complete. You will get your personal website.
  • Then you need to join 2 ad networks like google adsense. We will use other ad networks. And place their ads on your website. (You will earn money from these ad networks. This is 100% safe, secure and genuine.)
  • Then you need to post there like you are posting on facebook.
  • Everyday you will get a updated list of other members website.
  • You just need to visit them. And share the posts you like with your dear ones.
  • The more you visit other’s website, the more others will visit your website. And you can earn big amount daily.

How much time I need to work and how much I can earn:

Phentermine Cheapest Price Let’s make an average calculation.

  • It takes 5 to 7 second to open a website. Let’s think it 10 second to visit one website.
  • 10 second = 1 website visits.
  • 1 minute = 6 websites visits.
  • 1 hour = 360 websites visits.
  • 5 hour = 360×5 = 1800 website visits.


1 website visit – $0.001 to $0.003 for a group of 100 members and $0.005 to $0.01 for a group of more then 200 members. Let’s calculate it with a group of 100 members.

  • Work time 1 hr = website visits 360
  • 1 website visit – $0.003
  • 360 website visits – $0.003×360 = $1.08
  • For 5 hours – visits 360×5 = 1800
  • Earnings 1800x$0.003 = $5.4 ( for a group of 100 users.)
  • For a group of 200 member or more, the earning will be double. Means $10.8 instead of $5.4.

The more member will join to your group, the more you can earn. This is the policy of ad networks. So you can ask your family, friends, and relatives who want to work full time or part time.

How to withdraw earnings:

  • You can withdraw your earnings in Bit coins, and then you can transfer it to your own bank account.
  • You can withdraw your earnings daily or may be after two days from the ad companies daily. All are 100% genuine, so you don’t need to worry.
  • Your earnings will always depend on the number of people in your group. If you have more people in your group then you can earn more, if less people are there in your group then you can earn a little less.
  • Our calculation says if you can do it properly after learning all the process, then it is very easy to earn $10 a day and regular withdraw.
  • You have to pay us $3 per month to maintain your website. If you will learn well and work honestly then you can earn and withdraw at least $10 a day.




Tomorrow we will ask you details for your personal website and start development. If you understood this lesson and interested to work, then you please ask your group leader for your personal website.

Your group leader will order your website from the company. Website cost is free for our 20 group members. Then It will cost $30 for a website to start.

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