Not at all Likely Extremely Likely
Please choose a number. 0 is not using social media and 10 is the highest experience.
Please select the options which you are doing regularly in social media.
If you are using social media then choose the options you are sharing or sending any content or message with.
I don't knowI know something but never earnedI know some basic and had earned some money beforeI am using it now and earning nowI have good knowledge
Earn from video networks like Youtube
Earn from social networks like Facebook
Earn from freelancing sites like freelancer or fiverr
Earn from different survey offer websites and apps
Earn from affiliate marketing
Earn from ad networks like google adsense
Earn from doing small jobs by working as a virtual assistant
Please choose the right options depending upon your experience in online earning
No I don't knowI have some knowledgeI have good knowledge but never earnedI am a professional and earning regularlyI am an expert and I have multiple channels
From ads
From sponsors
From affiliate marketing
Don't select the options if you don't know. Select if you have knowledge about the subject.
No I don't knowI have some knowledge but never earnedI am working on itI have earned somethingI have already earned some good amount
Earn from Youtube/Facebook/Instagram
Earn from earning money websites and apps
Working for any company or a client personally
Working as a virtual assistant
Earn from ad networks like google adsense
Earn from others, but online
Please choose the fields you think is right
Please choose the fields you think is right
Please choose the fields you think is right
Please choose the fields you think are right.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
By placing their advertisements on our website or blog
Just join them and they will pay automatically
Nothing like Ad Network exist in the world
They are paying for a click or for a view
I don't know, but I will learn seriously
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I don't know
Yes I know, but never got a job
There are some websites where we can find clients
All are cheating, no one is really paying
Just join their website and they will pay you
Just wait, clients will come to you automatically
There is a process to get clients but I don't know
I am earning from some websites and clients by completing their required jobs
Choose all the fields which you think is right
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
This is impossible
I can promote my business or products
I will promote my personal website using Ad Networks
I will request someone to pay me money
Yes there are lots of ways I can use Facebook to earn money
These are false ideas, No one can earn by sharing posts in facebook
Yes I can earn by sharing other company posts, or other person post by charging them an amount
Just ask a company that give me money and I will share whatever you say
I have to make an attractive profile with full details, so client can believe me
I think, I can't work because I have no time
Yes it can be done if we will learn the proper process and work on it
Not at all Likely Extremely Likely
0 not understood and 10 completely understood.
For example: /
A line of some words which describes your website the best